Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The five-hearted Iron Lady

Every Friday and Saturday morning something absolutely amazing happens in Brisbane. I could hardly believe it when I first heard that this Norwegian guy, Christian, had started the most wonderful business on the other side of the planet: Waffles! Five delicious hearts of perfect, lightly brown goodness covered in sweet brown cheese and raspberry jam. Can you even think of a better way to start the weekend?

The location does change a bit, but usually you'll find The Iron Ladies, as they've named their business, operating out of Two Trees in West End. They do the most delicious coffee that goes oh so well with these yummy waffles! Friendly staff, good atmosphere and just enough quirkiness.

Personally, I stay true to my Norwegian heritage and refuse to have my waffle with anything but brown cheese, jam or sour cream, but they do also serve up some pretty interesting and adventurous toppings. How about spicy pinapple, mango chutney, mint and cucumber raita? Or a waffle dog? Or maybe some peanut butter, banana and chocolate sauce? The menu changes every week and I even heard rumors of anchovies finding their way on top of one of the waffles once - although not with any great success. 

Two Trees on Urbanspoon
Most importantly though, this wonderful human being - Christian - also made me aware that the Swiss Gourmet in West End actually takes in, and sells, Norwegian brown cheese! :D Hooray!!! :D It cost a small fortune, but is worth every single cent!

If you haven't tried it yourself, I seriously suggest you change that situation asap. Just do it. I know you want to! Simply knowing that there is brown cheese available when and if I get a craving has brought great calmness into my life.

What is your favourite waffle topping?


  1. Must also be tried with sour cream and strawberry jam, Yummie!!

  2. Whoever wrote on the blackboard in the top photo messed up big time. How embarrassing.

    1. Pretty sure that's entirely intentional, hehe ;)