Thursday, 6 June 2013

Where thou art - that - is Home

This weekend another piece of the "moving to Brisbane" puzzle came together as my partner and I moved into our very own little cottage. I love it! :D There is plenty of space for both us and the latest addition to our little family - Tigerpus!

Once we finally got power in the house (we moved in on the weekend and had to go 3 days without electricity) I could finally cook our very first meal in the new house - Norwegian style tomato soup! Haha.

I can't wait until we get everything settled and can just kick back on the balcony, and enjoy the sun overlooking our (very overgrown) garden with sunflowers and all! I even spotted some lorikeets in a tree nearby! :D

Our little cottage
I just love the style of the cottage, all the space and especially our back balcony! :)

Livingroom and kitchen

One of these bedrooms has become our very own little walk-in closet! It's a dream come true!

Bedrooms and bathroom

Unfortunately, moving house also means we'll be without Internet for the next 2-3 weeks as that takes some time to set up! :( So this is also my very first mobile blog post and it'll probably go a bit longer between posts... Hope it still looks OK! 

Have you got any exciting plans for the weekend? I'm thinking BBQ on the balcony! :D

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