Friday, 24 May 2013

Love is a fruit in season at all times

An absolutely gorgeous butterfly that swooped past
me as I was checking out the neigbourhood gardens
Coming from a cold climate like Norway there are a lot of surprises in store when moving to subtropical Australia. For me, one of those things has been all the amazing fruit, vegetables and herbs that grow so easily here in Brisbane! Having grown up with a passion for picking everything that could possibly be edible (basically meaning every berry I could find and a few mushrooms) you might say I have finally met my match.

I had a short walk around the block of our house today and the amount of - to me - exciting fruit, vegetables and herbs that literally hang over people's garden fences is astounding! Would it really be stealing when it's technically hanging onto the street? I'm starting to think that it might not, and that there would be absolutely no shame in picking a couple of ripe passion fruits, some branches of rosemary or a chilli or two as I pass by...? ;)

Here are some of the yummy things you'll find within a one block radius of our house (click on the images for larger pictures) :)

Passion fruit hanging over a fence
Gorgeous grapes almost ready to eat
Paw paw's in a tree just around the corner
Oranges growing in a nearby garden

Huge rosemary plants in our street
One of the pumpkins growing next door
A chilli hanging over the fence 
A chilli bush in the neighbour's garden

Anyone know what this
is? Pretty sure it's edible too!
I have SO many plans for my future garden now! To the despair of my partner, who will be the one tending for these yummy plants - as I've managed to kill every plant my "fingers of death" come in touch with... or maybe I should have just remembered to water them... ;)

What would be your top choices for your fruit/vegetable/herb garden?

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