Friday, 7 November 2014

iHerb favourites 2014

Iherb is my favourite store for health foods, organic products and everything protein. I have been trying out a lot of new products lately, and would like to share some of my new favourites with you guys.

Remember, if you use the code AGA408 on your first order, you will get $10 off. Iherb offers really good, and cheap, international shipping at only $4, or $8 using DHL-express which I usually choose.

Have a look at my other blog post as well - Iherb Favourites - for even more tips on great products!


First, I'd like to start off with some new favourite protein products.

Finally I have found the perfect protein powder! They blend well (I always use a blender though, to get a really creamy blend - yum!) and work well for baking. The flavours are amazing, and I think the price is really good value. My favourite is probably the vanilla flavour, but the chocolate is really good too. I will also be trying the peanut butter one next time. Sounds so yummy!

These bars are in my opinion the best on the market. And what an amazing price on iHerb! My two favourites are the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and the Cookies and Cream. If you put them in the microwave for 20 seconds they're absolute heaven.


It's always nice to throw in a few snacks when ordering, and these are some of the ones I've really been enjoying lately. They also make great little extra gifts for christmas and other occasions!

These are great little biscuits, and the recommended serving size of 4 is a great little treat with your tea or coffee, or for something sweet after a meal. They're meant to be hard, but they're thin and oh so yummy! The original is my favourite, but they also have a delicious chocolate version, mmm.
Silky smooth, rich flavour and oh so yummy! My favourite are the black truffles, but the dark milk chocolate one is really good too. And if you're into the salty/sweet combo the sea salt one is absolutely divine! What a treat!
Who doesn't like gummy bears? Yummy Earth have a good selection of organic sweets, but the gummy bears are my absolute favourite.


I love tea. I can never get enough, and I love trying out new brands!

I could write an entire blogpost just about this tea. I love all of them! And I LOVE the tins they come in, so decorative and can be used for all kinds of storage afterwards. My two favourites are the Paris and Vanilla Comoro. I usually add a few drops of Vanilla Stevia and some milk - and I'm in heaven. I really love the Cinnamon one as well, though. And the Raspberry Herbal makes for beautiful iced tea! Honestly, I want every single tea they carry.
Sometimes you want loose leaf tea, and these are delicious! My favourites are the Blueberry Rooibos (yum!) and Hibiscus Berry. A must try!

Hair and body

My hair and skin has never been as good as after I started using organic products. 

My favourite is the Gardenia scented one. How divine!!! It doesn't dry out your skin, and feels really luxurious. The scent is amazing. A good second is the French Vanilla

This hair balm styles your hair lightly and makes it look shiny and soft. I use it after showering and it helps define my curls, but sometimes I also use it to help keep my hair soft and straight. So it's very multi purpose. Love it!

How good is this stuff? My favourite is the Grapefruit Bergamot, but the Lavender Chamomile is really nice too. Great for dry spots on your face, especially before bed. I get eczema at times and this is one of the few moisture sticks I have no reaction with. And what a price!!! So worth the money!

I have previously told you about their Anti-Bug Balm, but my new favourite is the Anti-Bug Spray. Mosquitos love me, and this little guy here helps me fend them off. Wouldn't go outside at night without it!

Other favourites that I have written about previously and always stock up on are:

- Desert Essence Shampoo and Conditioner, and their Jojoba oil
- Alba Botanica Very Emolient Cream Shave
- Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner
- Nubian Heritage African Black Soap
- Yogi Tea Egyptian Licorice and Bedtime
- Garlic Gold Italian Herb Nuggets
- Le Saunier de Camargue Fleur De Sel
- NuNaturals Singing Dog Vanilla Extract Stevia

What are your favourite iHerb products? Anything I should try?

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