Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Lets go to the sea-side

View of Brisbane city from Kangaroo Point
When living in Brisbane I'm only a short drive away from the beach - something I have been taking advantage of since we finally got ourselves a car late last year. There are so many beautiful beaches to explore, shells to pick and sea-foam to jump in.

I am actually not a very big fan of sand, or swimming in the ocean, but I absolutely LOVE going for walks along the beach, collecting shells or looking at marine-life, listening to the ocean while relaxing with a glass of bubbles, and watching the sun rise or set <3

And as such I'd like to share some of my most precious moments the past months with you! If you're already living in Australia I hope you remember to take the time to enjoy this beauty so easily available, and if you're planning a holiday or thinking of moving here you sure have something to look forward to! :)

I have written a post about magical moments here in Australia previously, which also has some photos of amazing beaches and nature in Australia :)

Day trip to Sunshine Coast

Sunday afternoon at one of the many beaches in Gold Coast

A quick swim at Currumbin Beach

Beautiful Currumbin Beach with views of Surfers Paradise

Afternoon in beautiful Byron Bay

Exploring Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast

Pieces of a reef washed up on the beach in Surfers Paradise

Do you have any favourite beaches in Australia, or that you'd like to visit?

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