Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bye, bye Norway...

Sword in Stone - a monument to
The Battle of Hafrsfjord in 872
I've spent a couple of wonderful days in Norway prior to leaving, and luckily got to experience the very beginning of spring. It's such a magical time, as flowers pop up among the leaves everywhere and all the trees start to turn green <3 The temperature even reached a scorching 20 degrees on Tuesday! :O The sun has been shining until 8pm, champagne has been had and we even got to fire up the BBQ before I left. Bliss!

I still have a lot of mixed emotions about leaving, but I have absolutely no doubt that this is what I want. So now it's time to say goodbye to fjords, trolls and beautiful mountains, to moose, wolves and squirrels and to cold, crisp air, looong summer days and norwegian cheese <3 You will be missed!

BUT I'm also starting to get really, really excited about returning to Brisbane - and tomorrow I'll be on my way!!! :D Wohoo! It'll be a long plane ride, with an 18 hour layover in Bangkok, but soon I'll be back in the Sunshine State soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible! And finally I'll be back in the arms of my man! :D <3 It all feels a bit surreal, but Sssstraya here I come!

My last few days in Norway <3

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