Friday, 17 May 2013

"Ja Vi Elsker" 17th of May!

Hurra hurra hurra!
What better way to return to Australia, than to celebrate Norway's National Day with about 1000 other Norwegians and friends from all over QLD and beyond? :)

I was a bit sad that I wouldn't be in Norway for the 17th of May, even though I couldn't wait to get back to Australia. Luckily, the biggest Norwegian celebration in the Southern hemisphere actually takes place in Brisbane! :D

My boyfriend was happy to join in and shout "Hurra!!!" with me as we paraded through the streets of Brisbane by police escort this morning - following a marching band playing Norway's National Anthem and other traditional songs celebrating our country and it's people. I was a bit surprised by the range of feelings that rushed through me and almost brought me to tears as I chimed in on "Ja Vi Elsker" with hundreds of other Norwegian expats. It has been an emotional week returning to Brisbane and it felt surprisingly nice to celebrate our National Day with so many other Norwegians :)

We continued by listening to a long and tiresome speech about Norway, our traditions and the history of our National Day (which in itself is a tradition), followed by feasting on hot-dogs and waffles with brown cheese! :D <3 To absolutely no surprise most of the Norwegians were busy standing in line for beer and wine... hehe. I suspect there will be a LOT of drunk Norwegians roaming the streets of Brisbane tonight!

17th of May in Brisbane

It has been a very nice day! :D And I even got to buy some O'Boy from the store Swedish Goodies that I wrote about in another post - and that had taken the trip to Brisbane for the occation! :) Yay!

Oh, and speaking of nice things - did you know that I've gotten a kitten!?! :D This amazing little furball is named Tigerpus and she has melted my heart completely! It was love at first meow!

Tigerpus! <3
Isn't she just adorable? She has adjusted very quickly to her new home and is such an active, inquisitive little thing. I can't get enough of her! :) <3 (I think it's a her, at least, hehe)

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